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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple and easy work solutions.


Make rosters easy and quick! Optimize staffing levels, forecast wages, and manage shifts with ease. With a single click, check for the staff availability, save templates, set targets, and control costs.


Train unlimited staff online; Easily create and manage your own online training; Mobile friendly, deliver to any location on any device. Say goodbye to the long-awaited training sessions!


Make your payroll feel like a breeze with automatic timesheets and reports! Track everything right from overtime, benefits, timesheet to labor laws to avoid miscalculations and save time.

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Starr 365 is a platform which reduce your management workload, improve staff efficiency and reduce errors.

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On Demand Support

As a STARR 365 enterprise customer, you get a dedicated account manager who extends support to ensure operations are planned and executed effectively. We will never let you sacrifice functionality for the convenience of software or vice-versa. Hence, we create offer add-ons to help grow your business in a few days and not years.

Web Integration

We make it easy for you to integrate and share data between your existing website and our portal. Experience the privilege that comes through adding more value to the software and giving a solution that helps to grow.

Data Transfer

We help you export your existing clients and employees’ data effortlessly to our system. Let all your relevant business information & employee details be in one place by transferring between the two systems.

Custom Web Portal

If there is something not covered by our software, on demand, we create special portal that complete your business requirements.

Mobile Apps

On demand, we can add mobile applications for your business. We helps you integrate your existing app by adding APIs.


We integrate your existing tools in a way that the data flows effortlessly. It enables your employees to move faster and make better decisions, no matter where they are.


We help businesses utilize the deep learning capabilities of AI to automate the process of data gathering, making inferences, and generating ready-to-use insights.


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