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Automation will lead to more and more accuracy.

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Create a guide and share once. Staff can access when a shift allocated.!

Reduce Cost

Management time will reduce and help you cut admin costs.

Latest Features

Features that make feel confident...

Multiple options available for clock IN / OUT. Starr GEO App or Starr OFFICE App OR QRCoder. Use which meet your requirements.
Multiple options available staff attendance. Starr GEO, Starr KIOSK or QRCoder. Use that meets your requirements.
The Starr365 allows manager to create shifts and dispatch them to all or selected employees within the organisation. Employees can express interest in the available shifts, and the manager can choose those who are best suitable for certain work times and jobs. Over hours, compliance check, client's review to staff, shift overlapping etc are the key information provided while allocating shifts.
Very easy-to-use host supervisor panel is designed to take input from the clients. Admin can set authorities to the host account.
Google API integrated to calculate travel time and distance when your staff reach on one location from another.
Client instructions are the backbone. Never let staff miss the instructions. Set your client instructions in client profile and it will forward to all staff working on the shifts belongs to that client.
Employees will get a list of tasks, associated with the allocated shift, on the Starr GEO mobile app. The complete information about the shift will be provided through Starr GEO App. Staff will record information about completed tasks and also have the ability to attach images and notes related to the tasks. A shareable report will be generated based on the information provided by staff through the Starr GEO App.
Employee will report the completed and uncompleted tasks during each given shift and also record clock in & out times. Both factors will be used to score the shift & the employee. Information will also be used to review the staff performance.
Search a suitable staff is now easy. System provides you all information required to take action. It will check the minimum gap between the shifts, overtime, staff performance level, minimum and maximum hours limit etc for you.
On demand, will integrate you with APHRA. The automatic system will check for your healthcare workers registration status on regular basis. Alert you where ever necessary.
Police check expiry, first aid expiry and any other important date is always on count. Automatically system generated emails to staff and alert the admin where ever necessary.
No idea who is best suitable for this shift. No problem. Our staff suggestion feature will find it for you. It will take care of hours, shift gaps, overtime etc.
Everybody can access roster from their mobile all the time. System will alert an hour before for the upcoming shift.
Get your contractor visit controlled by our QRCoder. Contractors may not be in your roster, no worries. We are still going to handle them.
Who is running late? Who left early? Who is onboard? Our admin panel and admin app section will answer all your questions.
Every business is different. Your business may require supervisor approval for every shift before it goes to payroll. No issues. Specifically designed supervisor panel available.  It does the job in a few clicks.
As client reviews are a very important factor, the Starr365 can manage it more efficiently. As managers allocate a shift to an employee, the system will provide reviews by the client for all employees. If applicable, the shift can be assigned to the best available team member based on the feedback.

Our Thoughts!

Tools to support you

Here is the list of tools we designed for your industry, but we are not limited to this.

Rostering Portal

Highly efficient roster panel is here for Admins.
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Starr GEO App

Starr GEO App is for staff. Staff can view roster. Admin can add features to the app as per requirements. It is available on Apple Store and Goggle play store for free.
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Starr OFFICE App

If you like your staff to start and finish shifts from a device located at your business, use Starr OFFICE App. 
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Staff-Onboard Portal

Manage new staff application with ease and save time.

Our Pricing Plans

Basic User

Only Clock IN / OUT required (No Rostering), Staff Onboard, Timesheets, Leave Management, Online Support, Admin User 1

Basic Plan

Perfect for small business

$2.90 / Monthly / Per User

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Advanced User

Staff Rostering / Scheduling, Auto Repeat Scheduling, Clock IN / OUT, Employee Onboard, Timesheets, Leave Management, Online Support, Oncall Support, Free SMS 100/month, Admin User 3

Advanced Plan

Perfect for small business

$5.90 / Monthly / Per User

Purchase Now

Enterprises User

Custom Setup & Price Plan avaialble for enterprises.

Staff Rostering / Scheduling, Auto Repeat Scheduling, Clock IN / OUT, Employee Onboard, Timesheets, Leave Management, Online Support, Oncall Support, Onsite Support, Free SMS 500/month, Admin Users (As Required), Payroll Integration, APHRA Integration, Online Trainings.


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